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Ed Asner: Sex Symbol at 90?

At five foot seven, Asner knocks em dead.

There’s no doubt about it: Ed Asner has all the looks. He might not be very tall, but women aren’t known to care all that much about height. Ed is also extremely near-sighted and has been in a lot of Hollywood movies including The Animal.

A recent study found that 78% of women prefer a man with less than perfect eyesight (women suspect men with imperfect eyesight won’t notice physical flaws). The recent poll also found 100% of women would rather date a hollywood star over a non-hollywood star or Bollywood star.

The same study found that 88% of women polled (the poll was taken very accurately) find Ed Asner more attractive than any other man on Earth. The same poll always found that of the people polled, 99% of them are not legally allowed to operate machinery of any kind.

All polls aside, Asner knocks continues to knock em dead. Go get em, Ed. You’re a big bright shining star!

Ed “The Bull” Asner is seductor numero uno

He knows how to smile without smiling. Pay attention, kids.

There’s no stoppin’ Eddy Asner when he’s had a few to drink.

Near-sighted as ever. An unstoppable masculine force.


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