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My body has changed and so have my urges

Guilty desires, performing oral sex and avoiding contraception with multiple new partners

Part 1 (of 3 a part series on sexual desire)

My body has changed, but I’m still able to pleasure myself and my wife without major difficulties. i can perform cunnilingus for up to ten minutes without neck or respiratory discomfort.

However, recently I’ve been wondering…what else is out there?

As a man entering the later part of his life; I want to explore my own sexuality and try new things that don’t involve my wife, or with my wife and several other people including young muscular men.

Moving forward in this discussion:

I have read about multiple people of all age groups having sexual intercourse for several hours and enjoying it very much. I would like to enjoy these same pleasures before i die . I’ve read all about this in magazines i find on the street or in the trash can next to the public library.

A little bit about me:

I am 83 years old but people at the smoothie restaurant tell me I look much younger, like a man in his late 70s. I can walk up to fifteen minutes straight without chest pain, i have a thirty eight inch waist and I consider myself physically fit.

Last year when i had the flu (that was actually misdiagnosed pneumonia),I lost a lot of weight and the doctor said I’m much healthier now.

Getting tired. I’ll write more later.

Thank you for listening,



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