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Get yourself a good doctor, today!

If you don’t have a good primary care physician life can be scary, especially if you feel uneasy about your health

Part 1 (of 97)

Health is complicated business. the story with my own health is this: i take the way i feel very seriously, however i’m never quite sure if i feel one hundred percent ok. Sometimes i wake up in the morning and say to myself, why am i already tired? why am i having trouble on the toilet? yesterday there wasn’t a problem , so why all of a sudden so much discomfort ?

This is the moment when i decide to call my doctor. Baruch hashem i’ve been blessed with a great doctor like Ed Shnitz. Forty years he’s been looking down my throat (and up my ass)

Here is the point of today’s article:

Do you have a good primary care physician?

Are they someone you can trust with every single one of your problems?

Does your primary care physician make you wait for hours while you try to set up an appointment or tell you fill out paperwork, or do they get you into the office promptly for the scheduled appointment?


It’s important to have a smooth transition between scheduling and doctor visits. Without this, you can not be sure that your health is ok.

Let me explain.

When I said that I wake up feeling tired most mornings, it’s very possible that fatigue IS (and can be) caused by many things, but poor health could most likely be Leukemia, which is known in the medical community as cancer of the blood. According to many medical experts , being tired after rising (it doesn’t matter how long you were asleep) can also be other things like cancer of the lungs, influenza or poisoned blood caused by rotten or infected food(like fish or some sauces) or botulism. This is why you MUST be sure that cans at the grocery store aren’t cracked. Its common knowledge that things ARE NOT properly refrigerated at grocery stores. If you know anything about the refrigeration business . It’s very expensive to cool things properly at grocery stores and many corporations don’t want to pay for all of the very high prices. This is dependent on the season. Lets not get into that quite yet.

moving on

as previously discussed, there are many causes for fatigue. However i would recommend being diagnosed by a trained physician (please do not write me for a recommendation for Ed, he is NOT TAKING PATIENTS AT THIS MOMENT). I would also recommend to stop eating foods that come wrapped in plastic and also try to stop drinking liquids out of aluminum cans. i have read many places that different types of aluminum, when squeezed the wrong way can be dangerous or lead to poor health.

Another tip: if you haven’t had your blood checked recently please do so . having accurate blood readings can help doctors quickly determine whether or not you have leukemia.

During my battle with Parkinsons i developed a very strong relationship with my primary care physician, Brian. Brian graduated from the University of Texas and became interested in medicine very early on in his life…we had coffee not long ago and he told me about his children. One of them is studying theatre at the University OF Wisconsin located in Madison, the other...


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