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Eat what is given to you, the truth about the modern diet and idiots today.

All these diets and health experts are missing one piece of essential INFOR-MATION. 

Here’s what these so called EXPERTS WILL NOT tell you:

These complete idiots don’t realize that FOOD, spelled F-O-O-D is a scarce resource. So when you have FOOD, when you find SUSTENANCE, you need to eat it.  And you must eat as much as possible every time you come into contact with it incase it runs out and there is no more. 

If you go back in time. Historically, you will see that people were starving for many years. Back when my family grew up on the Lower East Side, people had very little to eat. there wasn’t so much food around, especially GOOD FOOD that contains juices and vitamins. Everything was very dry. There was also a lot of CHOLERA. We used to fight over a pair of shoes. I once made sandals out of fishing wire and car tire. I also used to have sex with our neighbor upstairs whose name was EMILY with an E. In fact, we had sex with each other for many many years until she passed away. 

Moving on

There’s no excuse for the food waste of today. There is no excuse for the way people choose to eat food. they choose to throw it away and not eat for selfish health reasons. 

(This has nothing to do with any virus out there. This is all a lie)

Yesterday i’m sitting at Kossars Bagel Shop on the lower east side eating pastrami lox on a bagel with cream cheese onions tomato , and i see a group of young extremely LOUD youngsters come in and start ordering on their telephones, talking EXTREMELY loud using profane language  at an uncalled for volume. I can’t take it. but what am I going to do. Get up?

No. No way!  it’s my place! my area! i come to sit here everyday! I’ve been eating at Kossar’s since the beginning , going way back. I remember this place when they didn’t even have chairs. You can forget it. We used to sit on the floor and eat whatever food they gave us, even if it tasted liked dirt. You’d be lucky if the bagels weren't rock hard stale because they weren’t fresh. only the rich could eat the fresh bagels called TODAY’S BAGELS. Once, I had a today’s bagel and it was delicious. Everyday we would beg for them to saw the old bagels  in half so you could smear left over kitchen oil onto it and maybe a pinch of salt. 

You think I’m kidding? Ask my brother, Ephraim who also lives in Hillman apartment 3D in the bedroom next to mine. 

Anyways i hear these youngsters ordering their food and I just can’t believe it. they get their food and eat like rabbits. nibble nibble nibble. they can barely do nothing to the bagel . they can’t even finish the food they order and i’m thinking to myself, FOOD IS A SCARCE RESOURCE! food ISN”T JUST EVERYWHERE AVAILABLE TO EAT FOR YOUR PLEASURE ANYTIME YOU WANT!

You can’t pick and choose the food you eat. YOU SHOULD EAT WHAT IS GIVEN TO YOU AND BE THANKFUL!

Food must be grown. it must be harvested and then sold in deli’s everywhere in the world. Then we purchase the food at the deli and eat it and you don’t go throwing it away because you’re trying to LOSE FAT.

Fat is important to have on the body in case of emergency. People also underestimate the importance of a salty diet. Salt in the body is important for getting rid of dangerous germs and providing essential minerals.  

This is why we must eat AS MUCH AS WE CAN!

L’chaim. And to good health




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